What’s New – OHD Anywhere™ App

OHD Anywhere App

What’s New at Overhead Door of Garden City? Introducing the brand new Garage Door Opener App: OHD Anywhere™. This brand new app will leave you with contentment and an increased sense of security. With the OHD Anywhere™ app, you can supervise and control your garage door from anywhere in the world using your smart device.

If you’ve ever left the house only to get to your destination and wonder if you left the garage garage door open, this is the perfect app for you!

You can double check if your garage door is open, closed, or if there are any changes to the door position. The app allows you to always know if your garage door is moving. You have the ability to check the status of your door as well as open or close the door for whatever you may need: a delivery, repair services, or friends and family that cannot access to your garage.

                                OHD Anywhere™ App preview 1      OHD Anywhere™ App Preview 2

The OHD Anywhere™ uses door-mounted sensors that constantly monitor the garage door’s position. Most monitoring systems use sensors attached to the opener which signals the homeowner if the garage is electronically used, but they do not account for manual use. OHD Anywhere™ monitors the position, both electronically and manually altered, for more information and more safety.

OHD Anywhere™ can control up to three garage doors from all locations using your home’s Wi-Fi connection. The app can be downloaded for free and is compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

OHD Anywhere™ App wall mount

Here at Overhead Door of Garden City, we care about your home and the safety of your home. The OHD Anywhere™ App can ease any concerns you may have. Plus, the ability to control your garage door is in the palm of your hand!

Overhead Door of Garden City would like to help make your garage more secure with OHD Anywhere™. This technology can be used with many garage door openers produced after 1993. If you would like an increased sense of security and to know for sure your home is not unintentionally open to unwelcome guests, call us 620-275-4602 or contact us for any of your service needs!

Garage Spring Cleaning Help!

Throughout the year and especially during cold months, your garage may have gained some extra stuff. It’s the ultimate place to put things we don’t want to see, don’t have space in the house for, or are unsure if we still need. The garage: a place where stuff goes in, but doesn’t leave. With spring upon us, it’s time to head to the garage, clean it out, and get the car(s) back in there. If your garage looks like mine, it’s on my spring cleaning to do list. Here are some helpful tips to get your garage clean and ready the rest of the year! You may also decide to replace your garage door, if so, Overhead Door of Garden City is here to help!

Spring cleaning BEFORE picture

Gather Supplies

Start the cleaning being very prepared with everything you’ll need to spring clean. This may include different size boxes and packing tape, plastic storage bins, heavy duty garbage bags, and any other supply you can think of to help the process go smoothly!


It will help you in the long run if you are very meticulous in your cleaning! For the best results, take everything out of the garage and sort it into four piles: Keep, Donate, Sell, or Toss. Throw away the toss pile, box and bag the items for donations and sale and label accordingly.

Organize the “Keep” Pile

Take your keep pile and separate it into different types of stuff: sports gear, house maintenance and repair supplies, garden tools, holiday decorations, tools, etc. Fill plastic bins with these items and label those bins. Too often, we put things away in bins but don’t remember where they are so they go unused. A label is a quick fix!

Add Storage Space

While your garage is (hopefully) clear of the bulk of your mess, this is a great chance to add some shelves, storage racks, hanging hooks, etc. Your labeled plastic bins can be easily organized on the shelves! The hanging hooks are great for things like bikes, tools, hoses, outdoor chairs, pet leashes, etc. and also for things that are used often but still need a place to go!

Put Everything Back

Put the storage bins back in the garage in an orderly way. Create “zones” of similar items. This will make doing a project much quicker because everything you need will be in one area or on one shelf. The more frequently used items should be easily accessible, while seasonally used items like holiday decorations don’t need to be front and center. Top shelves are a great place for seasonal items.

Tidy Up Throughout the Year

Garage cleaning can take all day or even all weekend, especially if it’s only done once a year. A few clean-ups throughout the year will be take lots of time off the process come spring. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be annoying, it can be a quick tidy up if you do a little cleaning throughout the year.

Spring cleaning garage After picture.

Your garage is a great place to begin the spring cleaning task list. Knock out the biggest project first and the rest will be easy! Overhead Door of Garden City would love to help you with your spring cleaning! If a new garage door is part of the plan, contact us or give us a call 620-275-4602 and we’ll get you the perfect door.

Spring Fling Expo!

Spring Fling Expo

This weekend is 34th Annual Grant County Spring Fling Expo! Come out vendor booths, great food, entertainment, music, and kids games! It’s fun for the whole family! Plus, Overhead Door of Garden City will be there with awesome spring deals! Our brand new garage doors start at just $499, installation included!!


       What: 34th Annual Grant County Spring Fling Expo

Where: Grant County Civic Center, Ulysses, KS

When: Friday April 15, 6pm — 9pm                   

   Saturday April 16, 10am — 8pm

         & Sunday April 17, 12:30pm — 4pm


Explore the new trends hitting our area this spring. This is your chance to get our best spring deals! We offer free estimates for all of your garage door needs! Come check it out and you’ll see our garage doors plus installation actually start at just $499, you can’t beat our prices!!

Can’t make it to the Spring Fling? Don’t worry! This garage door special starts now and continues during spring! For your garage door needs, contact us or give us a call 620-275-4602! Remember, Overhead Door of Garden City will come to you and assess your garage for free!!

Latest Garage Door Trends 2016

The brand new year is making changes in the garage door market, whether it’s refurnishing or purchasing new. It’s a different year with different styles. The garage doors this year’s trends are moving towards eye-catching, current, and uncommon garage doors.

If you’ve been thinking about a new garage door or looking to update your current style, 2016 is the perfect year to make that change! There are so many exciting trends to look forward to this year!


Faux Wood

In our experience, the most popular look for a garage door is wood, it is beautiful and always trendy. Unfortunately, wood garage doors are on the more expensive end of the spectrum and require regular maintenance. A less expensive alternative is faux wood. It allows you to have the classic wood garage door appearance without the extra cost and work! Faux wood is a lovely replica of wood that will add charisma to your home.

Trend 1, Faux Wood

Contemporary Windows

This year, many homeowners are hoping to bring natural light to their garages with the inclusion of windows. Adding windows to your garage door is completely customizable to each homeowner: shape, size, placement of the windows, the type of glass used, etc. They are windows for your garage and therefor you can choose the layout and design.

Trend 2, Contemporary Windows

Bold Colors

No longer are homeowners only buying boring, off-white garage doors. 2016 has produced a new electricity in consumers when it comes to updating garage doors. Not to say a white garage door is not a great color for your home, but many homeowners that have previously had white doors are trying out uncharted colors to greens, blues, greys, reds, browns, purples, and all colors of the wheel! Depending on what type of look you’re aiming for with you garage door, choose a color that compliments your home but also adds personality! Bring out the character of you and your home!

Trend 3, Bold Colors, Green garage doors

One-of-a-Kind Garage Doors

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen this year is the customers’ desire to custom-make their garage doors. They want a garage door that accents their home, but they want it to be very rare. Standard, basic garage doors are ignored for personalized doors.

Trend 4, One-of-a-Kind Garage Doors, unique pattern

Bigger & Better

As homeowners welcome the opportunity that garage doors offer to the home’s overall look, they begin to picture and select doors more cautiously. And as time has shown, the carefully chosen doors are growing in size. Updating the whole exterior of a home can be laborious and tiresome, but updating the design or adding windows to a garage door is smart and efficient! These simple-to-customize doors are growing in size because different garage doors can largely impact the look of a home.

Trend 5, Bigger & Better Doors

2016 is well on its way and these garage door trends are showing up everywhere! Contact us for expert advice making this garage door decision! Call Overhead Door of Garden City 620-275-4602 or set up an appointment today! We’d like to help you get ahead of the trends!