Companies that Started in Garages


These Garage Startups are now among the World’s Most Valuable Brands


It is no secret that a garage makes a great workspace. Some use this space to work on their car or build household items, while others start multi-billion dollar corporations. Read more

Tips for Testing Colors for Painting Projects


Household painting projects do not need to be difficult. You may be a seasoned painter indoors, but there are additional factors to consider when painting outdoors. Keep these tips for testing colors for paint projects in mind when painting your garage door. Read more

Securing Your Home Before You Go On Vacation


From summer break to the holiday season, families leave home year round for a vacation. There are several ways to ensure the safety of your home while you are gone, starting with your garage door. Read more

Most Useful Accessories for Garage Door Openers



Let’s start with the most obvious of garage door opener accessories; the remote control opener. Today, remote control openers come in several shapes and sizes starting with the standard two-button opener, which most keep securely hidden in their car for arrival and departure. If you do not want to keep your remote accessible in the car, a mini remote, possibly even a keychain remote could be a useful fit. Read more