Women's Choice Award

Overhead Door Company Wins Two National Awards

For the past five years, Overhead Door has been the winner of not one, but two great honors. We are so happy and grateful to be recognized for our hard work! And we are so proud to be a leader in our industry and we hope to continue the tradition.

In 2016, Overhead Door is the recipient of Builder Magazine’s Brand Use Study and the Women’s Choice Awards.

Builder Magazine’s Builder Brand Use study is a survey of the nation’s largest homebuilders. It asks those surveyed to rank garage door brands in four categories: brand familiarity, brand use during the last two years, brand used most, and quality. The results came back and Overhead Door was No. 1 in three categories: Brand Familiarity, Brand Used Most, and Quality Rating. Overhead Door has been recognized over the last five years as a top brand in the garage door industry in at least one category! “We know consumers today have more options than ever…[the study] serves as a professional resource to help make the decision on which garage door manufacturer to consider,” says Ali Isham, marketing director for Overhead Door.

Builder Magazine's Brand Use Study Award

Women’s Choice Award: America’s Most Recommended Garage Doors. This award is based on a survey of thousands of women across the nation who were asked to choose the brands they would most likely recommend to others. Overhead Door has been the choice among women for over five years! Overhead Door Corporation president and CEO, Dennis Stone, “Year after year, our Overhead Door ribbon distributor family has provided the expert service and solutions to their customers that has helped us earn the Women’s Choice Award….”

Women's Choice Award

A company like Overhead Door that has been around for 95 years, constantly demonstrates the importance of doing true, honest business. For all of our 95 years, we have worked to be the best and provide the most superior products and services for our customers!

Overhead Door of Garden City is proud to display the Overhead Door name and Red Ribbon of Overhead Door Corporation. For your garage door needs, call us 620-275-4602 or contact us for reliable service you can trust!

High Quality Garage Door Worth the Purchase

High Quality Wooden Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door is one of the most striking home improvement projects a  homeowner can perform. A new garage door puts a whole new look on a home! If you’ve been looking into a new garage door, but hoping to cut costs with a cheap, low quality garage door, you may be asking for problems. High quality doors are worth the expense!

There are some items that choosing the cheapest route is a no-brainer, but when it comes to your home and your garage door, the cheap option is not best. A garage door is an investment that can last for many years to come — if it’s a solid, well-built door. There are many reasons that a high quality, potentially more expensive garage door, is the smart decision.

Improves Safety of your Home

The garage door of a home, in most cases, is the biggest operating piece of a equipment throughout the entire house. A large part of your home’s safety depends on the security of the garage door. And as doors are progressing, more and more safety features are being incorporated. As technology improves, so has the quality of protection.

Improves Appearance and Value of Home

As we’ve discussed, a new garage door can hugely impact the look of your home. With updated styles and selection, each year introduces new, appealing doors. Not only will your home’s appearance change, but the value will increase as well. The better your home looks, the more impressed potential buyers will be. Plus, the added safety and security features in new garage doors are always a bonus.

Protects Against Extreme Weather

Living in the Midwest, we know to expect blistering summers and frigid winters. Your garage should be a place that is fairly sheltered from extreme temperatures, and the garage door plays a huge role in that. Insulated, quality garage doors are the key to controlling the temperature and ensuring safe storage of all items in the garage.

Represents your Personal Style

Now more than ever, garage doors can be customized for each individual home! With various styles and features, the options are endless; aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or steel, swing doors, Thermacore®, Durafirm, and more!

A new garage door for your home speaks volumes just sitting there! The best choice is to find a solid door at an affordable price, without giving up quality. Overhead Door of Garden City helps you do just that! We only have high quality doors at very reasonable prices! Call us 620-275-4602 or contact us today to get started finding the perfect garage door!

Overhead Door of Garden City Garage Door Opener

Selecting a New Garage Door Opener

New Garage Door Opener - Overhead Door of Garden City

If you’re upgrading your garage door, it may be a good idea to get a new garage door opener as well. Many of the updated garage door models are heavier than in previous years and therefore will need a more powerful garage door opener. You want an opener that gets the job done, but not one that’s going to break the bank! It’s all about finding that happy medium of quality and cost.

Most people don’t think about the garage door opener — until it needs fixing or replaced. Below is a breakdown of different factors involved in the purchase of a new garage door opener.

Style & Function

At Overhead Door of Garden City, we offer three types of openers: Screw Drive, Belt Drive, and Chain Drive. All are good options, but each has benefits depending on the type of garage door it will be lifting. Important details of your garage door you’ll need to know are the height and width, insulation material, and construction material.

  • Screw Drive
  • – Ideal for one-piece doors that tilt
    – Requires no additional lubrication
    – Provides the utmost in power and speed
  • Belt Drive
  • – The utmost in quiet performance
    – Ideal for garages near living spaces
    – Premium garage door opener drive system
  • Chain Drive
  • – Suitable for just about any garage door
    – Designed to lift the heaviest garage doors
    – Most popular garage door drive system

Horse Power

The correct amount of horse power needed for each door depends on your garage door and how you’d like your garage door opener to perform. The horse power you need will depend on the size of your garage door, the weight, and the opener speed — how quickly you’d like the garage door to open.

  • 1/2 Horse Power
  • – Can lift most garage doors
    – Most popular opener motor
  • 3/4 Horse Power
  • – Great motor for heavy doors
    – Durable, long-lasting motor
  • 1 Horse Power
  • – Best motor for the heaviest doors
    – Maximum efficiency and power

Drive type and horse power are two of the main factors included in choosing a garage door opener. Other optional features cover the light-type in the opener, motion-sensing options, and keyless entry pad. Of course, not to forget items like price, warranty, dimensions, etc.

Overhead Door of Garden City has a wonderful selection of garage door openers, perfect for all garage doors! If you know you’re in need of a new opener but still have some questions, give us a call 620-275-4602 or contact us and we will help you find the perfect garage door opener!

DIY megnetic tool strip , organize garage for Mother's Day

An Organized Garage for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is around the corner (it’s this Sunday, May 8th, just in case you weren’t sure!) and you may be trying to figure out the perfect gift for Mom. You’ve given her lots of jewelry and flowers but looking to change it up this year. A very useful idea is to add more organization areas in the garage. The garage is a place that holds so many things but there may not be any thought in the holding. I’m sure Mom would really appreciate a bit more organization in the garage! These simple ideas can turn a cluttered garage into an organized wonderland!

Bike Shelf

Bikes take up a large amount of space when they sit on the ground. Plus the storage of other bike essentials: helmet, lock, water bottle, air pump, etc. and it can be hard to keep everything together. This can be taken care of with a simple bike shelf. Mom’s bike(s) are lifted off the ground and take up less ground storage, while still keeping the bike essentials together!

 DIY bike shelf, organize garage for Mother's Day

Magnet Strip for Tools

Tools in the garage can be a big task to keep organized. There are so many different shapes and sizes, what is the best way to organize them? The solution is using the metal that is a part of most, if not all, tools. Using some magnetic strips, Mom’s tools will be looking great  in no time!

DIY megnetic tool strip , organize garage for Mother's Day

PVC Tool Holder

Now that you’ve got the smaller tools taken care of for Mom, what about the larger tools? A bin in the corner gets the job done, but who knows if the tool you need will be easy to get out? PVC pipe + screws = the easiest way to keep those tools organized and easily grabbed!

DIY PVC big tool holder, organize garage for Mother's Day

Ball Holder

Of all the things in the garage, sports balls are the most used but difficult to keep in order. If they’re in a bin all balls have to be taken out for the ball that’s needed and always seems to be at the bottom. If they’re not in a bin, they roll all over the place. This ball corral is the ultimate way to get access to all the different sports balls while keeping them all in one place!

Organize garage for Mother's Day with ball corral.

Suspended Shelving

If your mom has a smaller garage but still needs lots of storage space, suspended shelving goes a long way! It’s especially useful for items that may not be used very frequently but still easily grabbed as needed!

DIY suspended shelving, organize garage for Mother's Day

Garage Door

If you’re looking to go above and beyond for Mom, a brand new garage door is the perfect tie-together for an organized garage! Overhead Door of Garden City can help you find the best, mo st affordable garage door!

Whether you’re purchasing a new door or just needing a tune-up, Overhead Door of Garden City is here to help! Call us at 620-275-4602 or contact us for a service appointment today!