Garage door opener installation

Install an Electric Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener install

It’s the summer packed full of Do-It-Yourself projects! DIY home projects are very helpful in becoming a responsible, knowledgeable homeowner. Then you’ll be the handy, helpful neighbor on the block! Next on the list, your garage door opener. Read more

Opener & components

Garage Door Opener Parts

Your garage door keeps working, day in and day out. What helps that big door function? The garage door opener! The average garage door opens and closes 1500 times each year and most tend to last at least 10,000 cycles. If your opener seems to be acting slow, here is a quick guide to help you know each part and piece that may need fixing or replacement. Below are some of the important parts that may need more frequent replacement.

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Program Garage Door Opener

Program A Garage Door Opener

Now that you’ve got an Overhead Door garage door opener installed, it’s time to get it programmed and working so the door opens and closes properly and all remote devices operate correctly. Overhead Door Company of Garden City can assist in any step of the process.

  • Travel Limits — programming that allows you to set how far your door travels up and down in opening and closing your garage door.
  • Remote Programming — synchronizes your remote control devices (remotes, wall console, and keypad) with the powerhead.
  • Force Control — refers to how much power is needed to move (open/close) your particular door and does NOT require programming.
  • Speed Control — refers to how fast or slow your opener opens and closes your particular door and is preset at the factory. This function does NOT require programming.

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Home with steel garage door

Steel Garage Door – The Best Choice

Home with steel garage door

You’ve decided to upgrade your garage door, but now you must choose which material you’d  like your door made of. That depends on a lot of factors: your budget, the look of the door, amount of insulation, design, etc. The most commonly purchased are steel garage doors. There are a lot of benefits to having a steel garage door and they include:

  • The design options are endless, even mimicking the looks of other materials. Want the look of a wooden door but not the hassle of upkeep? Get a steel garage door. Want a very modern look without the extra costs? Get a steel garage door. Steel garage doors are customizable to compliment your home’s exterior.

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