Sell Your Home, Quicker!

As spring blossoms before our eyes, some homeowners may be tossing around the idea of putting the house up for sale and moving. Maybe you’re looking for a different neighborhood, downsizing, upsizing, whatever the reason may be, presenting your home in the best possible way will help it quickly move off the market to sold! Staging is a huge piece of the selling process, as I’m sure you know. However, many homeowners concentrate on beautifying the inside of the home, which is very important, but the exterior of the home makes the first impression for potential buyers.

We’ve explained how much a garage door upgrade can impact the exterior looks of your home. The investment required for a new door is small compared to the return you will see when selling your home! This is especially true if your garage is a large portion of your home’s looks. Overhead Door of Garden City offers various styles and designs of garage doors, we’d love to help you find the perfect match for your home!

If your garage door is beautiful and up-to-date, here are a few more options to increase the curb appeal of your home. Let’s make selling your home a walk in the park!

Front of home with flower bed and stones.

  1. Touch up the paint, siding, and/or trim. Occasional maintenance of these surfaces will add a ton to the curb appeal. Even as simple as covering cracks or chipped paint areas.
  2. Give your home a good washing. Power washing the outside can make your home look brand new!
  3. Clean your windows and glass and make your windows sparkle!
  4. Plant flowers. This is the perfect time to get flowers planted and on their way to blooming and filling your yard with mesmerizing color!
  5. Manicure your lawn. Regularly mowing, fertilizing, and watering your lawn can make a huge difference in the look of your home.
  6. Clean up the landscape. Stay on top of trimming, weed pulling, etc.
  7. Replace old hardware. Including address numbers, entry door locks, lights, doorknobs, downspouts or gutters, etc. Anything that looks worn out, replace it.

If you have decided to sell your home, these simple fixes can make your house the prettiest on the street! Replacing your garage door can completely transform the look of your home. If you have questions about the process, pricing, time frame, etc. give us a call 620-275-4602 or contact us for an estimate! Overhead Door of Garden City is here for your garage door needs!

Wishing You a Happy Easter

On behalf of everyone here at Overhead Door of Garden City, we would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!


This time of year brings warmer weather and more sunlight and we hope you’re loving it! If you find that your garage door or garage door opener needs fixes, replacements, or services, call Overhead Door of Garden City 620-275-4602 or contact us to set up a free appraisal!

Shake, Rattle, and No Roll?

Old, cranky garage door

If opening your garage door sounds like a metal band starting their weekly jam session, your garage door opener is probably overworking. No one wants to be that house on the block with the garage door that makes so much noise when it opens and closes that all your neighbors know when you come and go. And if it’s loud for your neighbors, it must be very unpleasant inside your home! In most cases of noisy, irritating garage door openers, homeowners should start shopping around for a new garage door opener. If your opener is more than 15 years old, there’s a good chance your garage door does lots of shaking, rattling, and noise making without rolling up or down, ending with a jolted stop.

All the percussion noises coming from the garage are usually because older garage door openers are not made to lift the newer, heavier doors. Especially those with the out-of-date chain-drive systems. Luckily for homeowners, new garage openers have been updated to appease the newer demands of customers and are more specifically chosen depending on the garage door itself.

Odyssey1000 Garage Door Opener

Our most popular garage door openers, Odyssey, Destiny, Legacy and LiftMaster, will not only greatly reduce the noise you’re used to hearing from your garage door, but the updated openers have added security, convenience, and safety features. Our garage door openers come with CodeDodger® Access Security System. This is a system that automatically changes the access code from the remote control to the receiver, preventing someone from stealing the radio signal that opens your garage door. Many of our systems also include motion sensing lights. Rather than needing to turn on a light, your opener will see movement and turn a light on for you.

Additional safety accessories are also available. While making your garage the quietest on the block, why not also make it the safest and most reliable? We have back-up batteries for possible power outages, Overhead Door Anywhere App, Door Report Remote, and many more!

If you’re looking to prevent the next metal band practice, Overhead Door of Garden City is here to help! Whether you need an appraisal, an opener check, or you’d like us to take care of the whole process, give us a call 620-275-4602 or schedule an appointment today! For your garage door and opener needs, contact Overhead Door of Garden City!!

Garden City Spring Better Home & Living Show

home & living show

This weekend is the Garden City Better Home & Living Show! Come enjoy over 70 vendors showcasing products and services.

What: Overhead Door of Garden City is offering a Spring Special on residential garage doors!!

Where: Finney County Fairgrounds Exhibition Center, Garden City Home & Living Show

When: Saturday March 12, 10am — 6pm & Sunday March 13, 12pm — 5 pm

Explore all the awesome variety now available for the home, garden, and life. This is your chance to get our best spring deals! We do free estimates for your garage door needs! We’ll come to you and make this process easy. Don’t wait, our garage doors are starting at just $499, you can’t beat that price!!

Can’t make it to the Home & Living Show? Don’t worry! This garage door special starts now and is good for this spring! For your garage door needs, contact us or give us a call 620-276-4602! Remember, Overhead Door of Garden City will come to you and assess your garage for free!!

R-Value Explained

garage inside

If you’ve decided to replace your garage door, there’s a good chance that this process is a little overwhelming. This isn’t something that is done very often, so many people don’t know much about it, unless they’ve had to do it. If you’re not an expert in this area, we are here to help! One term that is tossed around is the “R-value.” What exactly is an R-value, why should you worry about it, how does it affect your decision?

What is R-value?

Most garage doors are insulated and the insulation is designed to stop the heat flow. The R-value allows customers to know how well the insulation is working. R-value is a measure of thermal efficiency or the ability to keep the hot air inside and not allow it to mix with the cold air that is outside. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the insulation is, and the more likely warm air will stay inside.

What materials are best for insulation?

Garage doors generally are made of metal, wood, or fiberglass. And depending on the door, insulation may or may not be included in the door. The two most common types of insulation are polystyrene (styrofoam) and polyurethane (spray foam). These two materials are alike but the difference comes in the amount of protection your garage will get.

Polystyrene comes in the form of panels and can be cut to match garage doors. It is usually not an exact fit, so there may be room for air to move. This is good material for areas that don’t experience severe cold weather. Polyurethane is sprayed onto the door, expands, and covers all areas of the door. This is useful for areas that do experience extreme cold weather. The R-value is higher for the polyurethane.

Why should worry about the R-value?

The R-value will greatly influence the efficiency of your garage the the amount of heat it is able to keep in. How often your garage is used will dictate how high you’d like your R-value to be. If its main purpose is to house the car, and not used for much more, a lower R-value would be acceptable. No point in spending money to heavily insulate a garage that doesn’t need it. If your garage is used as a workspace or rooms are above the garage, efficient insulation and higher R-value will help you save money in the long run.

What is the best R-value for a new garage door?

This depends on the needs of your home, but the average garage door with insulation (polyurethane) has an R-value of 12-18. Overhead Door of Garden City offers a wide range of doors that have various R-values. But remember that R-value is not the only factor to consider when choosing a new door. Durability, good construction, etc. are important factors as well.

R-value is one of many confusing terms for homeowners purchasing a new garage door. If you have any questions or need assistance, Overhead Door of Garden City is more than happy to help! Call us 620-275-4602 or contact us to set up an appointment today!

Garage Mold No More!

Two purple garage doors

Spring is just around the corner! Pretty soon the snow will be melting and green will be everywhere! The moisture from winter surrounding homes and garages could leave behind an unwanted friend: mold. Mold grows best in humid, warm environments, so it’s best to prevent the issue now, before the warmth and humidity take over. Be sure that your garage does not have any issues and start spring in your favor!

Thorough Check

Start off by inspecting your garage and the typical spots that may have mold. This includes any pipes or sources of water in your garage, if there is a hose attachment, window wells, vents, and the roof and ceiling. These are all places that mold may grow. Check these areas and be sure that there is no sign of mold. Any damp or wet spots should be dried up, noted and checked at least every month to assure no mold is growing. It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive!

Light is Your Friend

Natural light and mold do not get along very well. Increasing sunlight in your garage, especially as it warms up, can help prevent mold issues. An open garage door allows sunlight and ventilation. Windows in the garage also aid in sunlight generation.

Keep Your Garage Dry

Sitting moisture in the air of your garage is almost guaranteed to be a problem. A few ways to keep your garage dry are: having proper insulation, adequate ventilation, and if necessary, a dehumidifier. The insulation, if it is updated, can manage temperature and moisture. It is one the the most powerful defenses against indoor mold growth! Ventilation allows the moist air to be circulated outdoors. And it cases of high humidity, a dehumidifier may be the best choice for your garage.

Update Garage Materials

The material your garage is made of can have a huge effect on whether your garage grows or rejects mold. Wood is typically an issue, but metal or aluminum tend to prevent mold. This includes the actual garage itself as well as studs that may be used throughout your garage. Keep all of this in mind when looking through your garage for problem areas.

The Right Garage Door

Your garage door can also have a large impact. Allowing sunlight in and keeping moisture out of the garage can be enforced by your garage door. The right door can make a huge difference—especially if it is insulated properly and includes windows. Overhead Door of Garden City has a large selection of residential garage doors and you can even test out the looks of a new garage door on your home with our Online Design Center!

Mold is a problem that should be addressed immediately and with accuracy. These easy steps can help you head into spring mold-free and enjoy the summer to come! If you’d like the professionals to take care of this, contact Overhead Door of Garden City, call us at 620-275-4602 or schedule an appointment online! We’re here for your garage door and garage door opener needs!