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Best Garage Door Opener Buys 2016

A garage door opener is something most people do not think about, unless it is not working or broken. So when the time comes to a buy a new one, there might be some research involved. Click here to have us help you out and do the hard work for you!

If you’d like to DIY, here is a helpful list of the Best Garage Door Opener Buys of 2016.

  1. Odyssey 1000
  2. LiftMaster 8500
  3. RSX Standard

These garage door openers have many similarities but below highlights what sets them apart. Overall, they have the same safety and security ratings, mounting options vary, and all three are well known for their noiseless operation and ease of use.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.57.43 PM

No matter what your garage door opener needs are, we are more than willing to help you out. Call us today (620) 275-4602 or contact us online for your garage door opener questions!

How to Install an Electric Garage Door Opener

Are you installing a new Overhead Door electric garage door opener? Did you know that we could help you with that? Feel free to give us a call for assistance. Click here to schedule a time for us to come out and help!

We offer a wide range of makes and models of garage doors. Therefore, the instructions on how to install your opener will vary. Refer back to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions. If you misplaced your owner’s manual, please see this list of owner’s manuals and instructions available online for a guide to installing a new garage door opener.

Don’t forget to read the safety instructions! Garage doors can cause serious injuries. One of the first sections should be related to the safe operation of your garage door.  To begin, educate yourself of potential hazards. Please do not do anything you are not comfortable with. Your manual should list any hazards related to your garage door installation. Be sure to read them and be aware.

Your manual will also explain the features of your new garage door opener. These features include the wall console, the automatic lighting system, and more. Here at Overhead Door of Garden City, we are dedicated to providing you with the best features possible.

Remember to contact us with any questions or concerns about installing your garage door opener. Feel free to call us during regular business hours at (620) 275-4602 or contact us here any time.

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Garage Door Buying Guide

Buying a new garage door can be a very daunting task that can also greatly change the look of your house. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this garage door buying guide to simplify the process. Click here to schedule a time for us to come help you! First you’ll need to know the size […]