How to Measure Your Garage Door

You’ve decided to take on the task of replacing your garage door. Way to go! Replacing your home’s garage door can value and add curb appeal to your home, instantly after the work is done. In order to make this process as simple as possible, here is a guide to taking the measurements you will need to know when looking at new garage doors!

A helpful hint, as we’ve all heard: measure twice, cut once. In this case, measure twice and order once! It will be best to take each measurement in two, or more, different spots – to account for wear and tear. If you notice that one side of your garage is particularly worn, measure in other spots as well. You’ll feel confident in the numbers you have are for the correct size and quote for your new garage door!

Tools you will need: tape measure, a way to record the results and notes, and a helping hand!

Garage measuring

  1. Measure Height & Width. Measure the horizontal width of the garage door, left to right. And the height, up & down. These measurement should be the opening of the garage door. If you see any irregularities such as an unleveled side, make note those.
  2. Measure Side Room. Measure the width of the areas beside the openings of the garage door on both the left and right side. Is there anything in the way such as wires, light switches, etc.? Be sure to note any barriers that could get in the way of installation.
  3. Measure Headroom. The area between the top of the door opening and the ceiling is called the headroom. Depending on the type of garage door, it might need larger headroom.
  4. Measure Backroom/Ceiling. This is the distance from the opening of the garage door to the rear of the garage or nearest wall. Note any irregularities or obstructions. Typically the height of the door plus 18” is required.

Garage door sizes are usually unique to each house. There are a few standard sizes that may be a starting point but the measurements you obtain will help you know the specifics.

Please give us a call at Overhead Door of Garden City at (620) 275-4602 if you have any questions or contact us for installation help. We are happy to help you with your garage door measurements.