Garage Door Problems – Fix or Replace?

Garage door problem

Signs of upcoming problems: things we occasionally ignore, but eventually we’re forced to notice. It’s not good to overlook these issues, but that’s what we sometimes do. When it comes to your garage door, these signs are very important to keep an eye on! As we wrap up Garage Door Safety Month this June, we hope that with this knowledge, you’ll always be ready — better safe than sorry.

Below are a few hints that your garage door may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the problem.

Energy bill increase

The garage door is usually the biggest operating part of your home, therefore it’s a large part of your home’s energy efficiency. If your garage has a lot of activity coming in and out from the home and you see a higher energy bill, it could be due to lack of insulation, damaged weather stripping, a poorly fitted door, sagging, etc. in the garage. These issues can be easily and quickly repaired.

Lots of noise

Your garage door is big and mobile, so it’s going to make some sounds when it moves. But if the noises are excessive and/or unusual, it may be time to get it serviced. The springs, opener, brackets, etc. will most likely be the parts responsible for loud noises.

Sagging section

This can be a very big sag, such as the one in the picture, but the sag can also be fairly unnoticeable. This problem is usually related to the spring tension. If the door is sagging it won’t be balanced and may not close when it should or it may not open all the way. If you do notice sagging, keep in mind that the springs are full of tension, only a trained professional should handle the spring/issue.

Garage doesn’t open or close

This may seem like an obvious problem, but many times if a garage door doesn’t open or close, a simple repair will fix the issue rather than needing a replacement garage door. This could be due to a faulty connection, wiring issues, batteries, unplanned reset – all issues that can be quickly serviced by a professional.

Shakes or irregular movement

Safety is key with garage doors. A shaky or jerky garage door typically means there’s loose or broken parts forcing it to move choppily. An inspection of brackets, rollers, tracks, etc. can help determine if the issue is repairable or if replacement parts are needed.

Keeping an eye on your garage door is fairly easy, each month open and close it a few times just to watch and listen for possible issues. Repairing a small issue immediately can prevent bigger, more expensive problems from developing. If you notice anything off about your garage door, Overhead Door Company of Garden City is here for any fix or repair! An inspection or service, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call 620-275-4602 or contact us for a free service estimate!