7 Spooktacular Halloween Garage Door Decorating Ideas

Halloween — the best time of the year to make everything look and feel a little spookier! Your home and yard are the great decorations spots, but have you thought of decorating your garage door too?! Simple additions can really up the of spook of yo ur home.

We’ve browsed the web for some of the best ideas! Below are our favorite Halloween garage door decorations!

Haunted House

Turn trick or treating into a scary adventure! Transform your every day garage into a space that causes screams — a haunted house!

Halloween garage door decoration - Haunted house

Garage Fire Trap

Many people fear being trapped somewhere! These easy garage decorations turn windows into the only escape method. Paper and tape are all you’ll need!

Halloween garage door decoration - garage trap

Monster Mouth

What’s spookier than a monster? A huge, house-size monster with a mouth the size of a garage! All you need to do is paint a tarp!

Halloween garage door decoration - Monster mouth

Bats & Cats

Black cats and bats are two things you don’t want to see on Halloween, and the perfect tools for scares! Spook the kids with cloth tape and cutout foam!

Halloween garage door decoration - Bats & Cats


Tombstones in the yard are  scary, but a garage filled with ghosts?! These tombstones give the illusion of a morgue! If you have a metal garage, these tombstones can be easily attached with magnets.

Halloween garage door decoration - Tombstones

Jack Skellington

The Pumpkin King wants to help you scare anyone who cares to look! All you need is black vinyl or construction paper and a little tape and you’ll transform your garage into this scary guy!

Halloween garage door decoration - Jack Skellington


Spiders are scary no matter what, but if they’re giant?! Extra spooky! Turn your garage into a spiderweb with giant spiders for easy scares!

Halloween garage door decoration - Spiderweb

Halloween is right around the corner and these Halloween garage door decorations can take your home from spooky to down right scary!

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How will you be decorating your garage door this year??