Extra Space in Your Garage

extra space


Summer fun often leaves extra stuff floating around in your garage temporarily. Are you tired of tripping over the toys and gadgets? It’s time to try a few creative solutions and use extra space you never knew you had.


Custom Cabinets

Most of smaller items can fit into drawers and on shelves. You can customize a cabinet storage system that is just right for you and your garage. Create a clean look with ample storage space.


Rolling Storage

Consider a mobile system if your projects tend to move around the garage. Place storage bins on a rolling shelf, while keeping them off the floor.


Outdoor Sports

Look at the space right above your garage door. Install a rack system to hold fishing poles. Place your tackle boxes full of lures and hooks on a shelf on the wall or above your head. Hang bicycles and kayaks from the ceiling or use a standing rack. Pulley systems are great for utilizing that extra space you never knew you had.


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