Garage Door Insulation


The frigid winter temperatures have arrived in the Midwest.  Last week we discussed where to look for heat loss in your garage.  Making sure the garage is well insulated is typically your best option to prevent heat loss from happening.  


The two most common types of insulation are: polyurethane and polystyrene.  Each offers substantial protection to heat loss and both are fairly inexpensive.  The quality of insulation is determined by its R-value.  R-value is measured by thermal resistance.  Higher R-value equals higher quality insulation and its capacity to prevent heat loss.   


Polystyrene is styrofoam; the same material used in coffee cups.  It comes in single sheets that can be sized to fit your garage door and placed in the openings.  


Polyurethane has a higher R-value and is more effective combatting the external elements.  Polyurethane is a liquid foam that expands when injected inside your garage door.  The denser the insulation is, the higher your R-value becomes.  Polyurethane can be twice as effective as polystyrene.   


An additional bonus to insulation is the added measure of noise reduction.  Insulation significantly reduces sound from entering your garage or escaping into the neighborhood, giving you more privacy.  


Garage door insulation provides a clear advantage for your home and will help you reduce energy costs.  Email or call us today to discuss your best options for insulation this winter!