Where to Look for Heat Loss in the Garage


Other than a place to store your car, the garage is often the #1 place in your home that loses your heat during the winter.  Heat loss equates to money loss.  Simple.  Have you noticed that it is much colder in the rooms that border the garage?  If so, there are options to resolve this problem.  


During the winter, without proper insulation, your garage is just a giant refrigerator or possibly worse!  The colder the temperature inside your garage means the more you’re going to have to heat your home and the harder your furnace will have to work.  That’s costing you money on a room you may rarely ever be in!  Making sure the walls of the garage are well-insulated is the first and most effective step.  Have you felt a chill when you touch the wall inside your home that connects to the garage?  That’s your first sign and a sign of the extra work your furnace is doing.  


Insulating your garage door is the next step.  What makes you warmer, a t-shirt or a sweater?  This is close to the difference between a thin, fiberglass garage door or one that is well-insulated.  Depending on the material of your garage door; like metal, for example, it could be working as a conductor for the elements!  Insulation will greatly diminish the effects of the weather outside.  

Weather Stripping

Time and the elements naturally wear away and damage your garage’s weather stripping.  Weather stripping creates a stronger seal around your doors and windows to keep out unwanted outdoor temperatures.  If the stripping has cracked, broken or warped over time, an unsuspecting cool breeze could be entering your garage and get trapped inside.  The quick and cost efficient choice of updating your weather stripping will pay dividends in the long run!  

Replace garage door seals - Threshold seal

Insulation of the garage walls and door, and proper weather stripping are three ways to keep your house warm and your energy costs down!  Email us or call 620-275-4602 today for the solution that will benefit your home the most.  Stay warm and enjoy a cozier home!