Garage Door Type – Everything You Need to Know

Your home needs a new garage door, but which type will be best for your home? How much space do you have? Are you looking to expand your space? What all needs to fit inside the garage? These are a few questions to start you off in the right direction of your searching process for the perfect garage door type.

To begin, there are two most common types of garage doors that work best for homes: sectional and roll-up. From there, these doors are available in various materials, styles, finishes, and within every budget. Each door type has pros and cons — here is a guide to help you determine which door is best for your home!

Sectional Garage Doors

The most popular garage door on the market, the door is divided into sections that are held together by hinges.

Sectional garage door type


  • Space — These doors can work with small spaces. They don’t swing out so both inside and outside of the door are safe.
  • Efficiency — These doors can have insulation added and increase the efficiency, lowering heating and cooling costs.
  • Customization — Sectional doors are available in a wide range of materials, colors, designs, etc.


  • Pricing — These doors can be fairly expensive. Depending on the extent of customization, the price can increase significantly.
  • Ceiling Space — Horizontal tracks are required and therefore the door takes up ceiling space.
  • More Parts — Sectional doors are comprised of many different parts that must be maintained and frequently checked and lubricated.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Also known as roller or rolling garage doors, optimal for very small spaces. Typically used in commercial settings, but can be used in homes as well.

Roll-up garage door type


  • Space — Roll-up garages are great for the smallest of spaces. The door only moves up and down and gathers into a compact unit.
  • Simplicity — These doors are easy to operate and require fewer mechanical parts that need maintenance.
  • Durability — These doors are extremely strong and built to withstand all types of weather. They will look good for many years with less maintenance.


  • Customization — Doors are typically available in steel or fiberglass and the horizontal lines are inescapable.
  • Pricing — High quality doors can be more expensive than an equivalent door of a diff erent type.
  • Changeability — Doors cannot be easily changed colors after installation. Once you’ve got it, you can’t change it much without replacing the door.

Choosing a garage door type is an initial, and important, step to the garage door buying process. Once you’ve chosen the type that will best fit your home, you’ll need to choose materials and design. Overhead Door Company of Garden City is here for your garage door needs, whether it’s a question or a service call, we’re here for you! Call today 620-275-4602 or contact us with your needs!

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