Garage Makeover Ideas

garage makeover

If you’ve recently been to some of the area home shows, you may have gathered new ideas on your remodel plans. If any involve a garage makeover, look no further. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Garden City™ is here to help you find just the right door that fits the needs with a garage makeover.


The Door

With curb appeal in mind, the design of your door can really flow with the overall look or add a certain pop with style. A new door can tie the entire look of your home together.. It can have design along with the functionality you need.



If there is a handyman in the house along with a collection of tools, maximize that wall space. Space saving ideas range from hanging pegboards and adding hooks, placing magnetic strips on the walls, and incorporating a foldable workbench. The wall hangers work great for the gardener’s tool supply, as well.



Perhaps you could use an at-home office. If you have some good windows and an entryway door for customers, a corner of your garage may be all you need. You can keep this space separate by using two distinct floor coverings. Tile, hardwood, or carpet might be nice options. Even creating a nook for your desk will really give your office its own space way from your vehicles in the garage.


The possibilities are endless with a garage makeover Give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Garden City™ to see what garage door options we have available that can make your wish list a reality.

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