Guide to Program Your Garage Remote

Programming garage remote instructions will depend on what model you own. Detailed instructions can be found in your owner’s manual. If you do not have an owner’s manual readily available and it is an Overhead Door brand, click on the link for owner’s manuals that we have available to download, view or print. For best results, follow those directions carefully and completely. You can also click on this video for visual help in programming an Odyssey or Destiny remote.

The hardest part about programming any garage door is finding the handy “learn” button located on the garage door device. Once you have found this button, you should have no problem programming the remote.

If you have an older model without a “learn” button, you must use the dipswitches to reprogram the remote. How to program the remote varies slightly according to the model of your garage door system. Since most units have the “learn” button, we will start with instructions assuming you have one.

Step 1Install or replace the batteries in the remote. They’re many different types of garage door openers, even universal remotes. It’s advisable to use the remote that’s made specifically for your garage door operator. Call us if you have any questions or need to purchase a remote. We can help!

Use Caution: Remember that a garage door can cause serious injury. Keep people clear of opening while the garage door is moving. Do not allow children to play with the remote.

Step 2: Use a ladder to get as close to the garage door unit. When programming the remote control, it must be at least 24 inches from the antenna. Put the remote in your pocket for easy access. The “learn” button should be easy to spot. Look where all of the wires are going into the unit. The button or buttons could be located outside the unit or behind the light cover. You may have to remove the white cover over the unit. There are many different types of garage door units, so doing a little research online as to where your learn button is located could be beneficial. Feel free to give us a call.

Step 3: To program your Odyssey or Destiny remote, press and release the square button. You will see the short blue LED light switch turn to the long purple light. Pick up the remote and press the button that you want to program. Press the button on the remote and you will see the LED lights turn to a flashing long and short purple light. Press the button you want to program, you will see the LED lights change from the flashing long and short purple to solid long and short purple. Press and release the button you want to program. Are the blue lights on? This means you have a good connection. Press and release your button and your garage door should open!

We have several resources available if you have any questions. Remember that not all remotes are created equally. The best thing to do is to follow the detailed instructions in your owner’s manual. As always, if you need assistance, please contact us for help at 620-275-4602.