It’s almost winter and the temperatures are falling fast! Is your home and garage ready for below freezing temperatures? The garage door is the largest entrance into your home, which can bring in cold air in just minutes. Stay comfortable this winter by winterizing your garage door with help from Overhead Door of Garden City.

Keep your energy costs down and your home more comfy this winter by following one or more of the tips listed below.

  • Is Air Getting In? Do you see any light shining through any areas of the door? These gaps can allow air and insects to enter your garage. Seal up those gaps, if possible. Do you need new weather-stripping? Now is the time to replace it.
  • Time for a Routine Maintenance Check! Do a regular maintenance check to your garage door before the temperatures drop too low. Be sure to check the hinges, bolts and all moving parts for proper lubrication. Keep those parts well lubricated all year round, but especially during the cold freezing months.
  • Be Sure to Winterize Everything. Don’t forget to winterize your hot water heater, if it is stored in the garage. Winterizing your hot water heater can save 9% on your bills for hot water heating, according to the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings. Is there any piping or appliances in your garage that need to be sealed or winterized? Take care of it now while it’s a little warmer out.
  • Purchase an Insulation Kit. Easy-to-install insulation kits are available from Overhead Door. Insulating your garage can help you save money and stay warmer this winter. Give us a call at 620-275-4602 to order your kit or contact us for more information about what we have available. Insulating your garage door can be a DIY project or we can come out to your home and install if for you.
  • Do You Need an Insulated Garage Door? There are several insulated garage door options available. If you are looking to upgrade or have an older garage door needing replacement, an insulated door might be exactly what you want. Call one of our experts for more information.

These are just a few tips to help you winterize your garage. Enjoy the winter months and call us if you have any issues or need help with your garage door. We are here to help!