Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget About Your Garage

spring clean garage

Ah! It’s that time again. As much as we all love the warmer weather, spring can also mean more chores and duties around the home. Don’t forget to add cleaning the garage to your list of to dos, as it can be the one thing people in the neighborhood see when you pull in and out. The way you keep your garage can directly reflect how your home looks, or is perceived to look.

Get rid of any signs of fall and winter by giving your garage a thorough sprucing-up – from top to bottom. Start your spring off right with a clean and organized garage space.

A tip from your garage door professionals: Don’t forget to take this opportunity to inspect your garage door. It’s the perfect time to make sure it’s operating properly and all moving parts are lubricated and sound. Call us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you plan to spring clean your garage, why not make the task as enjoyable as possible? Do it on a nice, warm day. Make sure you have a few hours to spare, a cool glass of lemonade or two, and music to accompany you.

Plan ahead by thinking through exactly what you might need to organize your space. Purchase tiered shelving and/or hooks to hang from the top of your garage. Think about the space and how much room you have. There are a lot of opportunities to make the space great.

Here are 4 easy steps to spring cleaning inside your garage:

Step 1: Make your garage look like you are about to move in. Empty out as much as you can. Remove all of the items that don’t already have a home. This means anything in cabinets, drawers, shelves. When you empty out the contents of your garage, put these items in specific areas along the driveway. For example, put paint with paintbrushes. You can also start a pile for tools or workbench materials. You get the idea. Make sure the piles are a few feet away from the entrance of the garage. When you sweep, you don’t want to get everything in the piles dirtier than they already are.

Once you are done with this step, take a look inside the garage one last time. Make sure you did not miss anything and that it looks nearly empty.

Step 2: Get your clean on. Grab the broom, dust pan, cleaning spray, hammer. Get everything you’ll need to have your garage looking right. Don’t forget about the cobwebs! After you’ve knocked everything to the floor, sweep from front to back and side to side. You might even consider using a powered blower. Some people also spray out their garage with water. That’s an option as well.

Take another step back and assess your situation. Do you have enough space for all of the items you’ve previously been storing in the garage? Is it time for a donation run?

Step 3: Put shelves up where you think you need them. Once the shelves and hooks are installed, carefully take the piles that you have created in the driveway and strategically move them into the appropriate places. Bring items that you don’t need in the garage to a better location. Perhaps they can be put in a storage shed, or a closet inside the house.

Take your time on this step. If you take your time with step three, you’re likely to have better luck throughout the year and less clutter in the colder months. Use your space wisely.

Step 4: Sit back, relax and enjoy your clean garage!

We hope this helps you achieve the clean garage space you desire. Good luck, enjoy spring and let us know if you need anything.