Holiday Season

Do you change up your holiday decor each year? Or do you have your favorites and stick to tradition? Traditions throughout Garden City have changed over the years, but we know at Overhead Door of Garden City that we enjoy this part of the season. We wish you a wonderful season as you adorn your house with holiday decorations. For fun, we dug up a few fun facts from Garden City’s holiday history, too.

During the 1940s a giant Santa Claus standing 15 feet high was displayed on top of the post office. High Plains Public Radio is housed in this building today. If your family likes the big decorations, the inflatable displays work well. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s lighted Christmas bells were strung from lamp posts above the Main Street intersections. Outdoor lights are commonly hung on homes throughout the city, from the simple strands to the extravagant where lights dance to music being played. Just imagine what that looks like from above. Be sure you practice safety first when installing any outdoor lights.

Did you know that ice-skating used to take place at the city pool years ago? Perhaps you hang some old ice skates or your childhood runner sled in your house for the holidays. It can be fun to go for a rustic winter feel in general, whether you use any lights or not.

You might even throw some of the felt snow on the floor and place a few smaller trees in a corner. Create yourself a small winter forest and add characters like stuffed snowmen.

Maybe you once had a silver-colored aluminum Christmas tree. Did you know those were first used in Southwest Kansas and across the nation in 1958? Trees come in all sorts of colors and sizes.


It’s always fun to see what different ideas family, friends, and neighbors come up with. From our family at Overhead Door of Garden City, Happy Holidays to you!

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