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Garage Wish List

wish list

Have you given your 2018 plans more thought? Perhaps you’re ready to move forward on buying a house, building a new one, or doing some remodeling on your current residence. When it comes to home projects, you should consider your garage wish list. Our team at Overhead Door Company of Garden City™ is here to help you find just the right garage door that fits the needs on your list.


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Garage Door

Garage Improvements to Help You Save on Energy Costs

Garage DoorMany homeowners do not realize that they may be losing heat through their garage. While most families do not heat their garage like their living spaces, your garage can still affect your energy bill. With a few simple changes, your garage can be ready for winter. Read more

Fall Garage Prep


As fall arrives, winter is just around the corner. There are many household jobs you will want to avoid once the temperature drops. The last thing you want to have is cold finger tips as you move all your summer goods indoors. Read more