Unbalanced Garage Door

Unbalanced Garage Door

Have you noticed anything wrong with your garage door lately? Even just an odd sound? It is important to pay attention to this heavy moving machinery and perform regular maintenance. We want you to have a door that functions properly and safe. You should be aware of the warning signs of an unbalanced garage door.

We recommend performing regular door balance checks on your own. An unbalanced garage door can be a safety hazard in your home. It can be harmful to your family and your property. Think about how heavy that piece of hardware actually is. If that heavy door is out of whack, please do not try to fix these issues on your own. Please call one of our professionals at Overhead Door of Garden City.



What all can you watch? What are the warning signs of an unbalanced garage door? Well, let’s start with the obvious. Take a look at your garage door. When it’s closed, does it look uneven at all? You will also want to watch as the door opens and closes. Does it appear slanted as it moves? These are sure tell signs of an unbalanced door.

Once again, with an unbalanced door do not try to fix this on your own. The torsion springs that counteract the weight of the door hold a lot of force. If not handled properly, injuries and property damage have been known to occur.



Keep your ears open as the door opens and closes, whether you use an electric opener or do it by hand. If it sounds any bit out of the ordinary, you should figure out why. Simple squeaks may just need a little high-temp garage door grease. However, if the squeaks continue you may have a more serious problem at hand, including an unbalanced door. Give us a call.



When you push the button to open your garage door, you should notice a routine with how long it takes to open and close. Finding something out of the ordinary? You’ve found another warning sign. Even when your door seems stuck, a balance issue may be the culprit.


Balance Checks

In addition to being more observant of warning signs, you can perform regular balance checks. If you disengage an electric door opener by unplugging the opener then pulling on the hanging red cord, you can manually open the door. It should stay open on its own. It also shouldn’t take much effort to open the door when everything is balanced properly.


Remember, if anything doesn’t seem right please call a professional. At Overhead Door of Garden City, we are here for you.

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