Yearly Garage Door Maintenance


The garage door may be a complex mechanical unit, but annual maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. Yearly garage door maintenance is not only important for keeping your garage door in good shape, but also for keeping you and your belongings safe. Read more

Garage Flooring 101


The garage floor is not typically not described as: picturesque. But the place where our cars occasionally drip oil is actually an area for opportunity! Read more

Companies that Started in Garages


These Garage Startups are now among the World’s Most Valuable Brands


It is no secret that a garage makes a great workspace. Some use this space to work on their car or build household items, while others start multi-billion dollar corporations. Read more

Tips for Testing Colors for Painting Projects


Household painting projects do not need to be difficult. You may be a seasoned painter indoors, but there are additional factors to consider when painting outdoors. Keep these tips for testing colors for paint projects in mind when painting your garage door. Read more

Securing Your Home Before You Go On Vacation


From summer break to the holiday season, families leave home year round for a vacation. There are several ways to ensure the safety of your home while you are gone, starting with your garage door. Read more

Most Useful Accessories for Garage Door Openers



Let’s start with the most obvious of garage door opener accessories; the remote control opener. Today, remote control openers come in several shapes and sizes starting with the standard two-button opener, which most keep securely hidden in their car for arrival and departure. If you do not want to keep your remote accessible in the car, a mini remote, possibly even a keychain remote could be a useful fit. Read more

Could Your Garage Door be Past the Point of Repair?


Whether you view your garage door as an accessory or a utility, it is important to know when it is time to let go and upgrade. Garage doors, like the homes they adorn, age in both style and functionality. Aside from modernizing, it is difficult to escape the inevitable wear and tear on garage door intricacies such as gears, batteries, hinges, screws and more. To help you identify when it is time to replace your garage door, we are sharing four key signs it is time for change. Read more

Choosing Your Ideal Garage Door


Building a custom garage door with the Overhead Door Company of Garden City will set your home apart with style, safety, and savings. Expertly manufactured garage doors are our bread and butter, and we use only premium materials and innovative functions so you can enjoy long-lasting and trouble-free performance from your unit. Read more

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Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Tips


To elongate the life of a garage door and to make sure it is in safe working order, it is important to perform routine garage door maintenance. Our steps below will get you on the right track! Read more

Garage Door Safety Month

Like many other heavy mechanical parts, garage doors can be dangerous. It is important to remind yourself of the many reasons to talk about garage door safety. June is “Garage Door Safety Month” and it s the perfect time to talk about it. Have this conversation with your children also. Everyone should know about the possible dangers of garage doors.

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